[Music] Presume the Unpredictable by Hustle Emcee & Black Collar Biz

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I do hope you guys have been paying attention to the movement going on with in the NJ Hip-Hop/art community right now. On November 9th, S.A.G.E. Coalition put on Presume the Unpredictable, a serious Hip-Hop art show featuring Kasso and his associates. If you’ve hit any of the Trenton Hip-Hop shows, preferably the Garden Variety shows, you already know who Its Just Ahmad is. He’s ALWAYS repping on the decks, providing a serious selection of fresh tracks, be them classic or shit you ain’t even up on from today. He’s been curating this Presume the Unpredictable mixtape that you can cop at their mixtape release party on the 8th of December at 219 Studios in Trenton (the $10 cover charge gets you this dope tape). This tape will feature that brand new from Black Collar Biz, Rich Quick, Venomous2000, Hustle MC and many more. Ahmad told me that the MCs featured on this tape “were and still are the soundtrack and inspiration for a lot of art work created by” Will Kasso.

Today? We’re hitting you with an exclusive. Biz and I hit you with #BlackFriday last year, so why not celebrate Black Friday with some knowledge and dope Hip-Hop from this tape?! Title track stee, from Biz and Hustle. Over one of my favorite Wu beats. With cuts from Ahmad. My homies do this! YOU AIN’T READY!

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[Download] I Shine, You Shine: Collection # 1 by Hustle Emcee

“I Shine, You Shine: Collection # 1” is exactly what it sounds like. Not as much a mixtape as it is a playlist of some official hip hop music from yours truly. Some of this music you may have heard before, some you may have not. Personally, these songs are a testament to different growth periods I’ve gone through as a young African-American man and an emcee. That’s what makes this collection of music a must have for any Hustle Emcee supporter. Thank you ALL…


DOWNLOAD: Hustle Emcee – I Shine, You Shine: Collection #1